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Song of the Week: “Townie” by Mitski

Song of the Week: Mitski / “Townie”

Just discovered this New York singer. I don’t know why I can’t get this song out of my head. I find the video hard to stop watching too. Maybe I’ll try to listen to her entire album if I can get past this song.

Mitski on Bandcamp

Mitski on Twitter

Peace / “World Pleasure”

Peace / “World Pleasure”

Love the groove to this one. Sometimes music just needs to be fun. This is the best track from this English band’s second album, Happy People. A friend of mine called them “like Foxygen … but organized and with a purpose.” So far, no live dates in the U.S., but let’s hope that changes.

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76th Street / “You and I”

76th Street / “You and I”

This song is so brand new it was recorded THIS WEEK! Check out local Arizona State University duo, Haley Gold and Spencer Bryant, who are young but already polished songwriters. Rami Jaffee, who has played with the Foo Fighters and others, makes a guest appearance on the single. You can buy this song here at iTunes.

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The Holydrug Couple / “Follow Your Way”

The Holydrug Couple / “Follow Your Way” (2013)

Cannot express enough how much I love the psychedelic sound of these cool Chileans. It is definitely riding that Tame Impala wave. I challenge you to listen for yourself and tell me it doesn’t take you to another place and time.