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Interval Training, HRM, Zinc Oxide & You …

by Jason Stone

Training has officially started.
I found a 9-week training program for people running their first 5K, so I decided to step it up a bit on the treadmill today.  I jogged 2 miles in about 26 minutes. That would put me on a 5K pace of just under 40 minutes. I have no idea if that is good for a first-timer but I want to try to get it closer to 35 in the training and maybe 30.
The good news is I did 2 miles with not too much effort, although the heart was going and sweat was pouring. I think I would be ready for a 5K way earlier than 9 weeks, so maybe I can start training for a specific time.
I can’t believe I’m actually setting goals and possibly reaching them. I usually just quit and say F-it by now.
So I picked up a HRM monitor at Walmart. Couldn’t wait to save up for the cool Polar that comes highly recommended, so I got what I could because I can’t wait to use it. I think I want to start using the high school track in the mornings to work on some interval training and an HRM is definitely needed.
I have to say, walking out of that gym and feeling the hot Arizona sun on me is amazing and energizing. I don’t like the sun at all in the summer here, but at 8-9 a.m. when i’m just drenched in sweat, it feels great!!
I have also lost 16 pounds in five weeks today. I’m still pretty sure most of that is loss of soda weight plus the workouts but I’m still amazed I could do that. I don’t feel hungry during the day usually, my problem is just avoiding the usual sweet/bad carb cravings.  I don’t notice too much difference even though its 16 pounds, but I don’t care because I feel a million times better inside and I’m actually proud of myself…It’s weird for me to even write it. I have always felt like I don’t deserve to be proud about anything.
Thank you to everybody for your support. When the trainer I met with at the gym suggested this site five weeks ago today, I thought i would just be logging my food. Who knew inspiration would be so much greater to keep this going for the long haul? I’m glad the support is now a habit and not a phase.
Oh and got my own new goggles!!! LET’S PLAY RACQUETBALL!!!


Snoop Bloggy Blogg

by Jason Stone

Random Thoughts time:

  • Excited for first 5K race. Did interval training today and it was tough, but man that feels so good when it’s done. I’m ready to start running real roads once it’s not so damn hot. I’ll take anything under 100 at this point!!!
  • There are still so many things I need to get once I finally get my work back pay. almost all exercise-related in some way, which is an amazing change of thinking for me.
  • I need to get more confidence working on my core at the gym. For some reason that is one area I don’t feel good doing in front of people. I know it’s the area I need the most work if any but it’s not that bad and I’m not sure what my hangup is. I just don’t like that corner of the gym getting all crowded. I would rather do that on my own at home for now.
  • I have heard about the 100 pushups plan in 30 days. I think I want to do that. I always felt pushups would be a good measure of progress since they’re so much harder than they look,
  • I tweaked my knee a bit playing racquetball. Is this a sign I need a brace when playing? I already need goggles. I don’t want to stop playing though because it’s so fun and Cedar and I are already getting better after three times. But I AM pushing 40 and knees don’t get younger. It may be a good idea.
  • It’s amazing how cyberspace could motivate you to better your health. This site provides so much motivation from people I have never met, that’s a pretty cool thing. When I’m pushing the calorie burning and get tired, I push on a little more so my totals can be higher and I can see the instant feedback on that. It also feels good to cheer others on who want it so bad. It’s definitely social networking with the most benefit to your life.
  • I actually had a guy watching me at the gym and following what workout  I was doing. He was maybe 20 years older. I must have looked like I knew what I was doing!!! Maybe that’s one of those signs without seeing the signs.
  • When do I feel most confident now? Funny I should ask. It happens right after the workout each morning when I have a nice sweat, I feel tight and lean and I go produce shopping. I take my time to find good ones, only feel like eating good stuff and love the color of my basket at checkout. I NEVER bought foods that actually looked like art before because I eat healthy now!!!  (Well, healthier!)
  • I’m so ready to branch out making interesting dinners. Nobody in the house can seem to agree with what exact meals should be made in advance. I can’t believe I’ve changed my eating habits a month ago and I’ve had fish ONCE and I love it. that’s something people usually struggle with and that should me my advantage now! I’m the world’s pickiest eater, but there are many things I love (seafood, tuna, most fruit, green peppers, spinach, celery) that I can totally take advantage of now!

Self Improvement Part 23

by Jason Stone

Quick recap of my thoughts

Very happy overall with how I feel inside and out. Despite one minor meltdown late at work Monday morning, I really have felt great in the last month. I’m still not totally seeing the results but I definetly feel it when I walk. I feel tighter in my core and stronger overall, leading to more confidence, which is not something I’m really used to in that way.

Cedar and I played racquetball yesterday and it was a blast. I burned more than 1,100 calories for the day and it was fun! Can’t wait to go back. Now, I want to try tennis and have decided to sign up for lessons in the fall when it’s cooler and I can play before work.

Also, thanks to a little final inspiration from Savannah Guthrie, an Arizona native who is now an anchor on the Today show, I have decided that by the end of this year I will buy myself a guitar and finally learn how to play. I’ve been thinking about his for….oh, only about 25 or 30….YEARS! But after seeing Savannah whip out the guitar yesterday and play “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” (my favorite and a relatively obscure Bob Dylan song) during a “talent” segment, I know I can do this.

After all, I already in one month have exceeded expectations with exercising. Instead of dreading actually going to work out, I feel horrible when I DON’T go now. In fact, the last few times I’ve walked in, I hung up my keys and felt like I was at home.

Even though I don’t talk to 95% of the people in the gym, I see the same faces every day and it’s comforting to know we’re kind of in it together. I can see how hard some of these people work. Sometimes I want to tell them that they are doing a great job, but then they’d think it was creepy somebody noticed. Then again if somebody at the gym said that to me out of the blue, I would be very happy that the hard work is being noticed.

What I Need

These are the things I still need that are exercise-related or some sort of self-improvement:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • iPhone
  • Gym bag
  • Fourth set of gym clothes (possibly)
  • Racquetball goggles
  • Tape to measure myself
  • New men’s grooming kit


I could be wrong but…

by Jason Stone

I think I might have a lifestyle habit happening over here.
It’s been three weeks now since I began exercising daily and trying to eat better little by little. Typically this is the time I would start burning out and getting bored.  instead, I’m finding I’m completely focused on this still.
How do I know? I can’t wait to get to the gym after work every morning! Today when I walked in I thought to myself how it felt like I was just there. But not in a bad way.
I am learning a lot about myself these last three weeks. I’ve learned I can eat a balanced diet and still not starve when I have a routine. That would be durng the work week when I know I can eat at the same time each day and plan it out in advance.  I’ve also learned that I love shopping for my food.  I’ve been trying to go in the mornings after a workout when my body is screaming for healthy stuff.
Mostly what I have learned is maybe I don’t have total quitter in me and can actually do something to better myself for once in my life!
Future blog topics floating in my head:
  • workout music playlists
  • my philosophies about this life improvement and how they have changed over time
  • how exercise/nutrition will help me feel better mentally and emotionally
  • a look at foods i will never eat and ones i won’t ever stop eatinhg
  • reading suggestions for workouts
Other things
I have blog topics that I want to tackle in the near future, but since I have no idea how often I’ll have time to do this I’m going to start a thing of random thoughts that will help me to get out in writing.
It’s time to start playing tennis and racquetball. We have a pro tennis center a mile away. I can’t believe we don’t use it. Maybe a goal to join a tennis league is on the horizon. … I love Tony Tantillo’s produce commercials. He makes me want to eat good just hearing them. Everybody should check out his website. … Seeing the same people in the gym every morning is a “quiet” motivation because you know they are doing it too. That being said, I don’t want to look as big as some of those guys there everyday … This website is like a support group, but more effective. It’s there when I need it and I can go right to what I need.


The First Blog Post … WATCH OUT!

This is the first in a series of blog posts originally published at
I am a writer by profession, yet I don’t have any kind of blog. Although nobody will likely ever read this, I figured this will be a good way for me to get my thoughts down in writing as I progress to better health.
There are good things happening in the first two weeks of this lifestyle change. For starters getting to the gym is no longer a chore like in past attempts at exercising regularly. Now when I don’t go or miss a session my body feels it and I can’t wait to get to the next one. Each night when I work I cannot wait for 6 a.m. to get here so I can stretch my muscles and sweat a little bit.
The other big change is I have drastically cut my soda consumption. It was still a little high last weekend, but the daily usage has been cut dramatically and exchanged with water. I haven’t noticed a weight loss yet, but I have noticed close are feeling a little different, I feel tighter inside and my confidence level has gone way up.
More importantly, this has improved my moods so far and I’m hoping regular exercise will keep me more balanced. I’m sick of being so up and down and not knowing what will make me feel better. I think maybe I have found what it could be — better eating and more exercise.
I am treating this attempt at lifestyle change different than last attempts. I’m not setting firm goals because I found that only  makes me give up when they seem unattainable. Now I just want to FEEL better. If that means I still drink a soda a day and have pizza once a week, so what. It’s still dramatically better than what I was doing before and eventually it will be easier to  make a complete transformation.
So way to go, Me….I’ll cheer myself on in this blog!

Here is the website for My Fitness Pal.